Sunday, March 28, 2021

Berlingo boot jump

I can't quite believe I'm doing this, for normally my blog is the exclusive preserve of reflective writing.  But as I've had several comments and emails about my Berlingo boot jump I thought I'd post some pictures and information.  

I bought mine from Erigal campers and it cost about £1,000—it fits into any Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo or Peugeot Partner van.  There are many other suppliers you can find on the web—in the UK the market leader is a company from Wales called Amdro which sells very high-quality units but they are more expensive.  The awning tent is an excellent addition and it cost about £250.  

The whole unit stows neatly into the boot space but there's still room for day to day shopping and the like. By folding the middle seats of the car flat the boot jump can then be opened out to create a mini camper—and at night it can be dropped further to make a bed. Some of the pictures below show it in use on a trip to France with my son—it's especially useful for an overnight stop on the motorway. 

When I bought a second Berlingo for the UK I decided to make my own version of a boot jump from plywood—using good quality fittings, it cost about £250, and if I say so myself, it's not a bad job.  Currently, my son has nabbed it and he's taken it camping a great deal in the north of England.

But enough - the pictures can tell the story from here.

PS. I have a nagging suspicion that this post is going to get loads of views while my writing languishes unread...  c'est la vie, as they say in France.


  1. This is a revelation for me, never knew you could do this with a Berlingo!

  2. That makes us think we need a better cooker in ours - and a square frying pan! My humans are constantly making little modifications, to fit more things in. They have both lived on boats and are fiendish about making best use of space. Write some Berlingo adventures (fictional or not); we would all read those. One note of caution, however, there ARE a few places that 2WD vans don't (or shouldn't) go. We found one (or foolishly followed satnav directions into one) on our recent tour in North Greece and got ourselves a bit frightened in the process. We eventually got out safely and in more or less one piece (but did raise the eyebrows of a bloke in a 4WD coming in as we were struggling out).

  3. Really amazing and I know must be so much fun. We're too old for camping and require more space and mod cons these days! You'll see in years to come Mark, but meanwhile go for it and enjoy the great outdoors and road trips! We do still love road trips of course, when possible to go, but a hotel room is welcomed around 6 pm, lol!
    Mary -

  4. Who needs a Volkswagen camper van when you can have a Berlingo?

  5. I think that's something that really impressed my daughter...that you could drive in Europe until you were tired and just pull off and sleep in your camper. They sold their caravan to gypsies in Italy just before the return home.

  6. I am getting tempted by one of these..and have just seen a side one designed for the VW Caddy...

  7. I am so completely and totally impressed with your build out. Good job!