Praise for the Bike Shed

In my years of blogging I've received some generous comments; my thanks to those who took the time and trouble.

'In the evanescent world of 'the bloggers', what distinguishes Mark is an absolute honesty allied to reflective wisdom and a fresh, alert eye. He entertains, yes, and makes us laugh (or at the very least smile ruefully). But beyond that, he reminds us of what it is to be both fully and compassionately human whilst remaining rooted in the world of nature. These posts are a treat not to be missed. And more than that, they're a liberal education. They quietly, modestly, enhance our understanding of the world we inhabit in its every aspect.'

Jim Perrin

'Views From The Bike Shed is fantastic: personal, engaging and hilariously honest.'

Rory Maclean on Views From The Bike Shed

'We loved this post...'

The Times Online

'...beautiful and touching. Probably the best bit of writing I've read this year. Thank you.'

Notsupermum on Views From The Bike Shed

'Now I know why I enjoy reading your posts... sheer poetry at times, and wonderful use of language.'

'A lovely story that speaks volumes of your love of nature and the natural world and your enthusiasm for both.'

'Truly lovely blog.'
Elizabeth (blog)

'A really interesting post, as ever and throws up some fascinating lines of discussion.'

Her on the hill (Google, 'blogger of note')