Friday, November 1, 2013

The things we desire

I've wanted one of these for forty-five years.

On a childhood holiday to Scotland I tried to buy one but didn’t have enough pocket money; either that or my parents said they were ‘common’. 

I still remember the disappointment. 

But I’m older and wealthier now – and able to make my own decisions on what constitutes good taste. Not everyone might agree on my aesthetic sensibilities, but I’m thick-skinned enough to know I’m right and they’re missing the point!

So on this week’s visit to Edinburgh, I thought, what the heckyou can afford it …  go for it Mark!
Ten quid later I’m the proud owner of not one, but TWO, ceramic Nessies - and different sizes too!

It was almost worth the wait.


  1. There are worse pleasures in life than a ten quid Nessie...! And few as universally amusing. I quite fancy one myself.

  2. Love them! You can get a version for the garden too...

  3. What fun and why not? We're never too old to realise a long-held wish.

  4. Fab! Excellent purchase. Last time I was in Drumnadrochit, I bought a fancy water dropper pippet thingy to add just one or two drops to my Lagavulin.