Friday, November 30, 2012

Chuffed to bits of Cippenham

My friend Michelle emailed me today; chuffed to bits she said. And so she should be. Her excellent blog, Veg Plotting, was a finalist in the Garden Media Guild's Best Blog of the Year - the only independent blog to reach that stage. It ought to have won of course, but it's some justice that Michelle also contributes to the Guardian which took first prize.

Last month my company organised a celebratory dinner for our community champions - folk who'd volunteered their time and raised money for good causes. Michelle was there too because she also writes our workplace blog - and a brilliant job she makes of it. I like making a difference, she once told me and recognising success encourages others.

She's right. Recognition is important: it gives us standing with our peers, in our community and at work - but perhaps most importantly, in ourselves.  I remember when I sold my first painting, how much confidence that gave me. The same when I passed my writing exams, when someone said, 'that's a nice tune' as I played my banjo - the latter I have to add is a rare event (the 'nice tune' bit I mean, not actually playing the banjo which I do most days).

So, Michelle, I hope you celebrate your success and bask a little in this moment of glory. I shall take pleasure in the afterglow because Veg Plotting and The Bike Shed are crafted only a few hundred yards from each other, and while that has no direct relevance on their content (save for this post and few others) it somehow feels good to know that my friend up the road is succeeding.

I never quite understood why people got so excited when someone from their town stars in the X-Factor or represents their country at sport. But perhaps now I do.

Congratulations Blog Fairy - you deserve it.


  1. Aww shucks Mark *blushes*

    I'm honoured to be the subject of your last blog post for November, congratulations on getting there :)

  2. That's brilliant, Mark. It's always good to be able to celebrate a friend's success, especially when it's so well deserved.

  3. Well done and very well deserved to Michelle!