Saturday, May 16, 2009

My little i

(From my sketchbook - crab at Abereiddy)

I thought you might like to visit my new blog - very much in preparation, but I've posted a few items so you get the idea.  Perhaps the followers (none yet, but you could always be first) might post pictures too, once I figure out how to sort that?

It's about the little things I notice, draw, make, laugh at.  My youngest son, Dylan, has decided he likes the idea, so it's a bit of joint project.

Please take a look.


  1. Come on, Mark's readers, do take a look!
    There are some nice paintings for you to see.

  2. well, I very much like the crab so I'll bop on over.

  3. Well thank you for that - I'll bop on over to your site too.

  4. Great stuff. I very much like the crab too. And I've had a quick read of your older posts on this blog. It's nice to find another Pembrokeshire blogger - even if you are a second homeowner. Harrumph! (But I'm an 'incomer' so I shouldn't be too judgemental I suppose!)