Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thin March sunlight.

A snatched weekend in Pembrokeshire; the thin March sunlight offering a hint of summer.

Horses taking to the sea at Nolton remind me of Sara and her comments on piloting sports. They don't look much like wild beasts; I suspect they do this journey most days - plodding from the stables with what we refer to as Boden types on board.  ( I used that expression when talking to some friends the other day and they knew exactly what I meant - curious how we label people. I supect we are just as easily classified - second homer's; incomers - to many people who live here permanently.)

Sunday, at Newport the horses and riders were galloping and jumping the sea-washed tree trunks on the open sands.  A cattle egret on the estuary was looking lonely.  When I told my neighbour where we had been he said, 'sounds nice, we've never been there.' 

I notice the rooks have started nesting in the tall trees at Lower Vanley.  They work in groups of about a dozen, crawing all day but especially in the evening.  It seems they no longer gather for the evening roost at Llanrhian. The first wheaters of spring have arrived.

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