Thursday, February 19, 2009


I went to Mwnt today - a headland that overlooks Cardigan island. The bodies of welsh saints were taken to the chapel there, for vigil before the journey to Bardsey Island - where evidently 20,000 saints are buried. This fact, which I learned from the noticeboard at the beach, seems to somewhat devalues the idea of sainthood.
There are lots of small islands off the coast of Wales: Ramsey, Skomer, Skokholm, Grasholm, Cardigan, Caldey, Bardsey - and Anglesey of course. Perhaps I could try visiting them all? I have kayaked to few.
Yesterday we were birdwatching at Marloes and the River Gann near Dale. We saw marsh harrier, raven, brent geese, goldeneye, pochard (I like that name) egrets and shellduck. Today we saw black necked greebes at Llys y fran resevoir. All fine enough, but nothing compared to the basking shark off the cliffs at Ceibwr in January.
Fine weather for February after a miserable few weeks.

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